The Harmony Pharmacy in Sydney provides our patients with excellent care based of the six foundational principles of naturopathy:

  • The healing power of nature
  • First do no harm
  • Find and treat the cause whenever possible, not only the symptoms
  • Treat the whole person
  • Education
  • Prevention

So what does a naturopath do? 

Naturopaths are prevention medial specialists who treat both acute acute and chronic conditions. Our Sydney naturopath Carolyn utilises a range of modalities such as herbal and nutritional medicine, iridology, and esoteric bodywork, to explore and address the underlying root causes of illness and disease in the body. By doing this, we allow you to develop a greater understanding of how you are a fundamental part of supporting yourself in your healing. 

Instead of traditional medicine, Naturopaths don’t just provide you with medication as the first line of defence

Naturopaths provide a holistic approach to health, and educate you on how to look after yourself, minimise symptoms, and supporting your bod’s natural capacity to heal itself.

Carolyn covers a broad range of health areas such as;

  • Digestive health and gastrointestinal complaints.
  • Allergies and food intolerances
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory
  •  Stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and sleep disorders

If you need help, our Sydney based naturopath is available for appointments for:

  • Naturopathy (with or without Iridology)
  • Iridology
  • Energetic Facial release*

Energetic Facial Release is one of the oldest healing techniques from ancient Egypt. The principle behind this modality is based on the fact that we store on our face what we emotionally feel. It uses gentle touch, healing techniques and massage to help shift and release emotions held in the face and in the body. It is beautiful in combination with Esoteric Healing or as a stand-alone treatment.