The Harmony Pharmacy provides kinesiology treatment in Sydney which encompass holistic health disciplines and combines Western techniques with Chinese Acupuncture’s chi energy theory.

So what is Kinesiology? 

Kinesiology is a non-invasive, muscle monitoring that provides access information about your state of wellbeing, and promote ways so you are at the optimum physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. As a leading healing science, it is fundamentally “the study of movement”, which analyses your muscles to find what is causing any imbalances within your body, so that you can receive treatment to relieve the imbalances. 

In Sydney, we are able to establish your body’s individual priorities, and evaluate the success of the therapies solving the imbalances. It is often regarded as the most comprehensive of holistic therapy, as it combines ancient understanding from the East, with updated practices of the West.

So if you’d like help with any of the following, come visit us in Sydney, or contact us today! 

  • pain
  • stress
  • depression digestion disorders
  • fatigue
  • back problems
  • respiratory problems
  • nervous disorders
  • food sensitivity
  • sports injuries
  • personal development
  • general wellbeing